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  1. Linda Young says:

    The Florida Clean Water Network opened its doors in November 1994 as part of the national Clean Water Network in Washington, DC. It grew in membership from a handful of mostly national affiliate groups located in Florida to over 300 local, state and national groups all based in Florida and working together to protect clean water. In November 2005, the CWN of FL became a separate, independent entity, and a project of the Tides Center. Over the past 18 years since the Clean Water Network of Florida began operation, there has been a concerted effort by polluter-backed political forces to undermine environmental laws on a state and local level, more quietly and covertly, where there is often less sophistication and fewer resources to recognize and resist these efforts. The Florida CWN has been on the front line for the past 18 years in Florida, defending clean water laws on both the state and federal levels; educating the public about the importance of these laws; working with local communities and teaching them to effectively participate in decision-making in their communities; and bringing groups together across the state and in coordination with national groups to win some of the most significant environmental victories in Florida in the past decade or more.

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