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  1. Linda Young says:

    Dear Friends of Florida’s waters:


    As you know, a few weeks ago we announced a major legal victory for Florida’s waters. A federal judge in Pensacola ruled in our favor regarding our suit over the listing of Florida’s impaired waters. This is a huge and important step forward in our long-term efforts to get the full protection for all of Florida’s waters that are so badly needed and that are promised in the Clean Water Act. EPA has the option of appealing the judge’s Order and our wonderful attorney David Ludder was told by the EPA’s lawyer that EPA is likely to seek either reconsideration of the Order or an appeal. I have made several phone calls to EPA officials that I know personally at EPA in Washington and in Atlanta to discuss why we think they should let the Order stand and get pro-active with us in cleaning up Florida’s waters. Unfortunately, EPA officials that I have tried to communicate with have not been willing to discuss the matter. There is nothing illegal about us discussing the pros and cons of the case as long as our attorneys don’t get involved or try to discuss the case with the other parties without their attorneys present. So, EPA is simply choosing to not have the discussion.

    So, I NEED FOR YOU TO SEND 3 EMAILS ABOUT THIS IMMEDIATELY OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Also please forward this appeal to everyone you know who might be willing to send a few emails. The Obama EPA needs to know that we expect them to help us protect Florida’s waters and this is a perfect opportunity for the administration to show that they are on the side of clean water and not catering to politically powerful polluters, like Rick Scott’s administration is doing and like the Bush (both) administrations did. If Obama is about “change” then this is a great time to “change” the pro-polluter policies that have driven state and federal actions for the past 14 years. Here is who you can email to help get this message across:

    Nancy Stoner:
    Bob Perciasepe:
    Sen. Bill Nelson:

    Here is a suggested message or write your own:

    Dear _________, I’m writing to ask for your immediate help with protecting Florida’s springs, lakes, streams, estuaries and coastal waters. Recently a federal judge ruled that EPA must review Florida DEP’s impaired waters list with regard to the “effect” of the provisions of the amended IWR at issue in Counts I through V of the plaintiffs’ complaint on the state’s listing decisions according to the test prescribed by the Eleventh Circuit. We understand that EPA may be planning to ask for reconsideration of this Order or even appeal the Order at the 11th Circuit. PLEASE, use whatever influence you may have on the ultimate decision-maker in this matter to prevent EPA from resisting the judge’s Order in any way. Florida’s Impaired Waters Rule was strongly opposed by the Clinton administration under the leadership of Carol Browner when she was EPA Administrator. That’s because it was originally developed by Florida polluters when Jeb Bush was Governor, as a way to avoid compliance with the Clean Water Act. Under the G.W. Bush administration, EPA reversed itself and began supporting Florida’s rogue, anti-clean water strategies. It is time for the Obama administration to turn EPA around and support clean water in Florida and elsewhere. The courts have ruled against Florida’s IWR in four cases over the past 11 years. Please help us defend and protect Florida’s waters. Let the Order stand and tell Florida’s DEP and the polluters that are controlling it that EPA will no longer be a partner in the destruction of Florida’s waters.

    Thank you,
    ___________________ (your name)

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