A TMDL is sort of like a diet for pollution going into our waters. it stands for Total Maximum Daily Loads. It is a core concept in the Clean Water Act (CWA) for protecting water quality. The idea is that a state (like Florida) is supposed to keep an eye (collect data) on the condition of its waters (springs, lakes, streams, estuaries and coastal waters). If any of the waters get polluted to the point that they are unhealthy for the purposes for which they’ve been designated (drinking, shell-fish harvesting, swimming, fishing or agriculture) then limits are to be set for the pollution going into the “impaired” water. This is a critical component of the CWA and one that the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been spending enormous time and money to defeat and avoid. Here is where you can follow the saga of Florida’s TMDL program, the Impaired Waters Rule and the work that the Florida Clean Water Network has and is doing to maintain and exercise our right to this basic CWA protection.

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