Florida Governor Rick Scott is pushing for even more tax cuts for Florida’s largest corporations – who are also some of the largest polluters in Florida.  For instance the Pensacola chemical company, now called ASCEND, formerly Monsanto and Solutia discharges over 30 million pounds of toxics into Pensacola’s aquifer and air.  AT NO CHARGE!!! Why do the citizens of Escambia County allow this huge corporation to use the Floridan aquifer as a hazardous waste dump?  This practice was outlawed over 30 years ago, yet this company is allowed to continue this dangerous, deadly practice. 

And Rick Scott wants to eliminate their corporate income tax and sales tax on purchases?  REALLY? 

Read the article at the link below about Scott’s legislative plans for the 2016 session.

Scott’s tax cut plan a heavy lift in 2016

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Linda Young has been the executive director of the Clean Water Network of Florida since 1994. From 1989 to 1997, she founded and published a monthly statewide environmental newspaper. Over the past twenty three years, she has co-founded some of the most long-lasting and effective environmental organizations in the Southeast, including the Gulf Restoration Network, Gulf Coast Environmental Defense and C.A.T.E. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Southern Oregon University and a M.A. in Political Science/Campaign Management from the University of West Florida.

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