Dear Friends of Florida’s Waters:

I hope this finds everyone enjoying our beautiful October weather. It’s a great time to get outside. There’s a lot going on around here as usual and we have several opportunities for you to help us out and make a difference for our waters.

Here’s a list of items you will read about below:

  1. MeterHero Community – Florida Clean Water Network is still sponsoring rebates for all of you who sign up for MeterHero and conserve on water and/or energy.
  2. Springs Funding – Don’t drink the Kool-Aid
  3. Legal costs – Can you help us out a little bit?
  4. Triennial review – See our comments here:

1.MeterHero Community: As you know, Florida Clean Water Network is trying to encourage a revolution in water and energy conservation. We are partnering with a service called MeterHero, which is totally free, to track water and energy savings on our utility bills. We even earn cash rebates when we conserve. How cool is that?

Now we are creating a community so that we can all work together to protect the environment. I’d love for you to join the Florida Clean Water Network community by signing up for MeterHero ( and using our group code (FCWN) when you register. We’re going to get our own community page so we can see how much we can all save together.

So far almost 500 Floridians have signed up for MeterHero. Together we can save a significant amount of water (to protect our aquifers) and energy (to combat climate change).

2. Springs Funding – You may have read in the papers this week about the funding purportedly being allocated by the state – to protect our springs. Most of this money is little more than corporate welfare for dairies and farms. Please read the response provided by the Florida Springs Council which offers a more accurate account of what is happening with this funding:

3. Legal Costs – Can you help? Florida Clean Water Network continues to fight for the St Johns River in the courts over the illegal land give-away by Jeb Bush and Rick Scott to the Koch brothers (owners of the Georgia-Pacific paper mill in Palatka). Here’s a link to our website with more info on this issue:

Our attorney is doing this case pro-bono for us, but the filing fees, copy costs and mailing has mounted up to several thousand dollars.

We are also considering filing suit against the US EPA for continuing to allow Florida to ignore the Clean Water Act by not adopting water quality standards (criteria) for toxic chemicals/carcinogens that impact human health and also aquatic animals. The EPA and the Florida DEP have made promises and excuses for years in order to avoid regulating dozens of toxic chemicals that are being dumped into our drinking, fishing and swimming waters.

We can’t file this suit unless we have $5,000 to cover the costs. It is critical that we move forward now. You can read our comment letter that was sent last week to both the DEP and the EPA.

If you can help us get this suit filed, you will be making a major contribution to the health of our waters and all that use them. Please make your tax-deductible contributions to: Florida Clean Water Network, PO Box 5124, Navarre, FL 32566.

Remember the Sharks and Chablis fundraiser at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea on October 18th. FL-CWN will have a booth there. I will also be on a panel discussion on October 17th in Pensacola at the Tyson Library for a discussion on deep-well injection, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Please join us if you are anywhere near these two locations!

Thank you for all that you do to protect Florida’s waters and our Democracy through your participation.

For all of Florida’s waters,

Linda Young, Executive Director

Florida Clean Water Network

PO Box 5124

Navarre, FL 32566





About the Author

Linda Young has been the executive director of the Clean Water Network of Florida since 1994. From 1989 to 1997, she founded and published a monthly statewide environmental newspaper. Over the past twenty three years, she has co-founded some of the most long-lasting and effective environmental organizations in the Southeast, including the Gulf Restoration Network, Gulf Coast Environmental Defense and C.A.T.E. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Southern Oregon University and a M.A. in Political Science/Campaign Management from the University of West Florida.

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